Various tests on composite aluminum sheets

Various tests on composite aluminum sheets

Various tests on composite aluminum sheets

Premium Bond Aluminum Composite Sheets after numerous experiments and tests of reputable international and domestic institutions such as Shiraz University of Materials Engineering, Amir Kabir-Metra Color Research Institute, Razi Metallurgical Research Center, Green Ocean Laboratory Services Company and according to the success results As a result, the company has succeeded in obtaining national and international standards and certificates, including the CE standard for European quality certification for export. After passing difficult audits and performing various tests, the collection of premium bond factories succeeded in receiving documents in the fields of aluminum composite and product quality management indicators and observing global standards.

Some tests performed on a composite sheet:

1- Coating thickness
2- Gloss test
3- Pencil hardening of the coating
4- Cover flexibility test
5- Impact test – free fall
6- Adhesion test – cross section
7- Resistance test in boiling water
8- Acid resistance test
9- Resistance test against bases
10- Perforation test
11- Test for measuring the adhesion strength of layers
12- Bending test
13- Test for determining the coefficient of linear thermal expansion
14. Thermal Deviation Temperature Test
15- ignition speed test

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Types of tests:

Other tests are performed on premium band composite sheets, which include:

  • Determination of melt flow index (MFI)
  • Color detection
  • Cover thickness setting
  • Heat measurement
  • strike
  • Bend
  • Attraction
  • Determining the pH (acidic and alkaline conditions) of the environment
  • Determining the hardness of polyethylene
  • Moisture measurement
  • Determine the internal and external dimensions of the sheet
  • Weight measurement
  • Determination of the hole in the polymer and the quality of the surface of the sheet
  • Sheet strength in salt
  • Durability against abrasion and scratch testing

In accordance with ASTM standards.

Thanks to God, we are proud to announce that Premium Band Quality Control Test Center is the only center in the Middle East and Europe that has dedicated a large amount of ACP per month to various digital and professional quality determination tests, as well as manually every 40 minutes.

Finally, the results are reported to the CEO to avoid any quality risk at the factory outlet.

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